Taunton boy gets new bicycle from officers after his is stolen

TAUNTON, Mass. (WLNE) – A Taunton boy got a big surprise from his local police department on Thursday.

Six-year-old Bryan King always leaves his bicycle parked against the side of his home. Wednesday morning, he woke up to find his bike was gone.

King’s mom reported the theft to Taunton police, and officers Michael Flynn and Michael Hughes responded. King told the officers this was the second time in a week his bike had been stolen, the first being a gift for his sixth birthday.

That’s when the officers sprung into action.

“We’re getting ready to leave and I said to [Officer Flynn]…I think I want to buy him a bike. He’s like, let’s split it,” Officer Hughes explained.

Not only did the officers buy King a new bike, but his old bike was found around the corner from his home.

Now, King and his sister each have one.

Taunton Police also gave the kids bike locks to keep them from being stolen again.

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