Taunton Couple Almost Scammed

Scams designed to get money from the elderly are on the rise in Bristol and Plymouth County. A Taunton couple thought they won big bucks when they got a letter from what looked to be an investment equity group and even got a check for almost 4-thousand dollars, but the company told them to deposit the check in a specific account. 65-year old John Creamer and his wife Jo-Anne were suspicious, and called relatives.

Their son-in-law told them not to deposit the check. They called Taunton Police, who are conducting an investigation. Plymouth County Assistant District Attorney Jessica Healy says her office has received hundreds of calls about scams.She was in Wareham warning elders about the lottery scam and others. She has the same message She says, the elderly are easy prey because their so trusting and scammers prey upon the elderly for their savings and social security.Police in Bristol and Plymouth County say if you receive a check in the mail and it looks like it's too good to be true ,it probably is ,they want you to give them a call