Taunton intruder may have struck again

By: Alexandra Cowley


The man who's been breaking into houses in Taunton and getting into bed with women, may have struck again. That new info came up in a meeting tonight on community policing. A neighbor on Winthrop Street saw a suspicious man with a ladder fidgeting with the window of a second story home. When the neighbor asked the man what he was doing, he took off.

For days, There hasn't been an unlocked door or window in the Taunton community as police search for the man who's breaking into homes and groping women.

Nicole Botelho says she's on edge that the man is still out there. “When I first heard the story I thought they had already caught him and then when I heard they didn't and he was a repeat offender it kind of made me like oh geez this is serious,” said Botelho.

The hunt for the man behind the break-ins was topic of concern at a monthly crime awareness meeting. Nadene Martin lives alone.

“You know, you hope it isn't you, and you feel sympathetic for the person who it happened to,”  said Martin.

Jennifer Bastille of the safe neighborhood program told residents about the man spotted with a ladder leaned up against a home on Winthrop street, where one of the Break-ins occurred.

Bastille said, “somebody was suspicious and the neighbor hollered to them and the person ended up taking off and then the neighbor called police.”

The call promoted heavy police response. Crystal Webber lives just two doors down from where the man was spotted. She says cops swarmed the area.
“There were cops on every corner, I heard that he had put up a wooden ladder, he had broken into somebody's house and then they found him sleeping on the couch,” said Webber.

All the break-ins have happened overnight. The man gets in through unlocked windows and doors, taking jewelry. In one case, a woman was sexually assaulted. Police are spreading the word for people to be alert.

Webber usually keeps her second story windows unlocked, but not anymore. She's preparing for the worst, especially since she may have come close to being a victim.

“Hopefully he doesn't try to do it again, or if he does I hope they catch him,” said Webber.

Police say the man left behind that ladder, which they will likely check for fingerprints.

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