Taunton crossing guard celebrates 40 years

TAUNTON, Mass. (WLNE) — Mulcahey Elementary School has gone through many changes through the years, including a brand-new building that opened in 2020.

However, one thing that’s been the same since the 1980s is Miss Jackie, the neighborhood’s star crossing guard.

“Well number one it’s special, but to me it’s just like any other day,” Jackie Coute said, about her 40 year anniversary.

Miss Jackie has been holding it down in front of Mulcahey Elementary for decades — this Nov. 7 marks her 40th year. She told ABC 6 News why this job has kept her for so long, saying that “the kids, it’s all about the kids, I can’t even express how I feel.”

From greeting every single car in the morning,​ to directing the traffic flow on Taunton’s busy Clifford Street, Miss Jackie hasn’t missed a day of work since 2011, and is loved by the whole community.

“They look forward to this, I look forward to this,” she said.

She’s even seen generations of kids grow up, and drop their own kids off at school. Jackie recalls when they recognize her, “‘Are you the crossing guard that was here like 10 years ago?’ I’m like, ‘yep, yep, I am.’ And they’re like, ‘I remember you!'”

Things are a little different now with how students get to school.

“crossing guard jobs have changed, there used to be so many kids walking every day, now there’s very few walkers,” Jackie said, but the passion is still the same for her, even after 40 years.

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