Taunton First Grader Finds 3 Bags of Heroin, Brings them to School

TAUNTON, Mass. (AP) – Police in Taunton say a first grader found three bags of heroin near his bus stop and took them to school.

Police say the bags contained 14 grams of heroin, worth about $1,400 on the street. They said the boy picked up the bags on Wednesday and later gave two girls on his bus one bag each.

Superintendent Julie Hackett said the children didn't know what they were dealing with and eventually told school personnel what had happened.

Police said the girls hid their bags under their seats on the bus and the boy tossed his near some bushes outside the school. All three bags were recovered.

Police Chief Edward Walsh said officers had conducted an “enforcement action” at a housing project near the bus stop on Tuesday. He speculated a drug dealer got nervous and threw away the drugs.

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