Taunton Officer Assaulted, Shoots Suspect

A Taunton Police officer has been put on administrative leave following a shooting incident Sunday night, during which the officer was forced to shoot at an advancing suspect with a knife.

The incident happened Sunday evening around 8:00pm, in the area of Winthrop Street. A press release from the Department says an officer was flagged down by Ernest Hanson, who was standing on the side of the road.

As the officer approached, Hanson attempted to stab the officer through the open cruiser window with a knife. The officer fled from Hanson, before turning around and facing Hanson on Highland Street. The officer radioed the station for backup.

The officer then got out of his cruiser, and told Hanson multiple times to put the knife down. Hanson instead continued walking towards the officer with the knife still in his hand.

The officer fired one shot at Hanson, that went wide. Hanson continued to advance on the officer, forcing the officer to fire again. Hanson was hit in the lower torso, and stopped advancing on the officer.

Hanson was taken to a medical facility in the Boston area. When he is released, he's due to face a charge of Armed Assault with Intent to Murder, and will undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

The release from Taunton PD Chief Edward Walsh also says that investigators have been told Hanson may have been attempting 'suicide by cop'.