Taunton Police Investigate Facebook Page Posting Racy Photos of Teens

Taunton Mayor Thomas Hoye say's he is shocked to learn a racy Facebook page, starring some of the cities teens. It's known as "tauntons purge". It includes several explicit photos and comments, some targeting local teens.
"I'm not sure why anyone would do this, or want to do this,"Says Mayor Hoye.

Kourtnie DeMoranville was shocked when her 14–year–old niece came to her, saying her closest friend had been one of the victims.
"They just verbally attacked her, they didn't show anything about her, but they verbally attacked her. I told her to call the police,"says DeMoranville.

Demoranville says the people posting anonymously to the page, tagged their targets. So the humiliating posts showed up on their personal Facebook pages for friends and family to see.
"Basically calling people sluts, showing nude photos of teenagers. There's pictures of guys with guns, numerous guns on there saying there going to go after each other,"adds DeMoranville.
As a father of three, two of which are girls, Mayor Hoye wants to make certain the people behind this page are held accountable.
"I would like to see the folks responsible for this prosecuted. If they're minors, I'd like to see their parents answer some questions. There is no place for this not only in the city of Taunton, but anywhere,"Says Mayor Hoye.