Taunton Kids Rally Behind Classmate with Cancer

Nothing can change the fact that in January, Tanner Rogers, a sophomore at Taunton High School, was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma, but one of his friends is trying to make the fight a little easier, one t-shirt at a time.

“It started January 23rd,” Rogers recalled. “They thought I had heartburn at first so they took an x-ray and found this mass in my chest.”

When he found out the mass was stage 4 Hodgkin's Lymphoma, the 16-year-old cross country runner stopped in his tracks.

“Monday and Tuesday I go to school. Wednesday I go for chemo,” Rogers said while running through his schedule.

It is a routine that Tanner's friend Kyle Tavares could not imagine going through, so he decided to do the only thing he could do, show his friend that he was not going through it alone. He and his cousin designed t-shirts with the words “Creating A Cure For Team Tanman” stamped on the front. The proceeds go directly to the “Tanman's” family.

“Chemo probably isn't very cheap,” Tavares said. “And high school is hard enough.”

The work of the 15-year-old boy had more students buying shirts at The Arbors Assisted Living Center than the mall Sunday afternoon.

“I think it's wonderful that the students have pulled together and the entire community of taunton has pulled together to help out the Rogers family,” Susy Paiva, Kyle's mom said.

While Tanner still has 7 more weeks of chemo, Kyle hopes that arming his friend in the blue and green t-shirt will help him win the battle.

“I just want him to be able to look around and see that we are there for him too,” Tavares said. “He's not just by himself.”

The shirts to support Tanner are available at The Arbors Assisted Living Center or Taunton High School. The shirts are $10 each.