Taunton residents react to medical marijuana dispensary license

By: Samantha Lavien


Twitter: @samanthalavien

The City of Taunton received one of twenty provisional licenses for medical marijuana dispensaries awarded throughout the state of Massachusetts. The newly approved dispensary was the talk of the city on Saturday.

“I really don't know how I feel about it being in the town,” said Taunton resident Sean McDonough.

“For people who really need it I guess it is ok, though I would not be interested in it myself,” said Taunton resident Dave Rezendes.

It's a hot button issue among many…It's one that even has families divided.

“I really don't think it should be in the area I think it is bad for the kids and I do not think it should have been legalized,” said Taunton resident Mike Borjes.

“Do I do it no, but I agree with it and I think we should have it,” said Karen Borjes.

The proposed dispensary is located at 400 Revolutionary Drive.

The Taunton license was awarded to Medical Marijuana of Massachusetts Inc. The company is headed by former U.S. Representative William Delahunt. He was awarded three of the 20 licenses distributed throughout the state.

The site is estimated to bring in more than $4 million in revenue in its first year and some $6 million in the second.

Back in 2012 Massachusetts voters passed a ballot initiative to legalize medical marijuana. Under the law the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and Human Services can register up to 35 dispensaries in the state. Each county must receive at least one and no more than five.

The City Council has to grant the dispensary a special permit before it can open.

Officials are estimating that medical marijuana could be sold in the state as soon as the summer.

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