Taunton teen skating towards the gold

By: Liz Tufts


First it was nationals and a championship team dance
title. Now 18–year–old Katelyn Rodgers of Taunton is on to worlds.

“As long as you love it it's worth it, ” says Rodgers. To say 18–year–old Katelyn rodgers of Taunton loves to
roller skate is an under statement.

She first laced up at the young age of six and over the years a childhood hobby has rolled into a full time job. “I think it matures you because you are competing against
people but you still want to be friends with them, ” says Rodgers.

And competing is something this college freshman lives for. She's been front and center at 10 national championships. This year, her twisting and turning landed her and her partner Spencer a spot at the world championships in Taiwan this November. It's something Katelyn says is still hard to process. “It took a lot of work, ” says Rodgers.

Work her coach says has paid off as he watched her develop
into a star. “I knew she was special and very dedicated right from the
very beginning, ” says Coach Anthony Deponte.

She and her partner, who is from Oregon, will perform two routines at the world championships. “Both of the songs we picked are from dancing with the
stars, ” says Rodgers.

While her goal is to grab the gold, just getting to the worlds is a dream come true. “I'm really proud of how I've done and how I've grown as a
skater, ” says Rodgers.

If you would like to help Katelyn get to Taiwan just email her at rodgerka@bc.edu