Taveras wants reform of disability pension laws

By News Staff


The City of Providence is trying to change local and state law to prevent convicted murders and people serving life sentences from getting their pension.

“If you commit a crime like this we are not talking about a misdemeanor, we're talking about a crime taking someone's life.  You commit a crime like that you forfeit your right to receive a pension,” said Mayor Angel Taveras.

In 2008, James Pagano of Cranston was shot and killed by Nicholas Gianquitti.  Gianquitti, who is a former Providence police officer, is in prison convicted of murder.  He was given a disability pension in 1992.  Mayor Taveras says he doesn't deserve it.

“Money that is paid to anyone is the public's money and that's the way that I look at it,” said Taveras.

The City Council will hear the proposed ordinance next week and the state legislation is already in committee.