Teachers’ Union Big Wigs Rally Against Woonsocket Layoffs

The teachers' union brings in the big guns to rally against potential layoffs in Woonsocket.

The president of the American Federation of Teachers, Randi Weingarten, came to town Thursday to protest 600-layoff notices that went out to all teachers.

Woonsocket schools face a 10-million dollar deficit and will run out of money the end of this month. Weingarten said officials should increase income and sales taxes to pay for education.

“You step up and you solve this problem and stop asking people who have taken cut after cut after cut to do more,” said Weingarten.

“No, at this time I don't feel we have any other options,” said school committee member Anita Forcier, “We need to start from ground zero for our 2013 budget, so I felt there was a need to give everybody a pink slip.”

Weingarten visited Rhode Island after the mass firings in Providence last year and she was in Central Falls the year before.