“Tebow Effect” Spreads to Students at Rhode Island School

                 In New England, the overwhelming majority of football fans bleed red, white, and blue for their Patriots. But the “Tebow Effect” has some young New Englanders bleeding navy and orange. The effect has really spread at a catholic school in Pawtucket.

                 A year ago, Tom Brady's name would have been scribbled on the papers of young boys writing about a role model, but today, it's Tim Tebow.

                 One day before the big playoff game between the Patriots and the Broncos, students at Woodlawn Catholic Regional School in Pawtucket are given an assignment. Write a 5-paragraph essay on who you think is a good role model.

                 12-year-old Marcus Darosa chose the quarterback of the team playing against the Patriots this weekend as his role model.

                “I say that he devotes his time more to God than well to the football team,” said Darosa.

                  It's a pick that Darosa's teacher, a die-hard Patriots fan, agrees with. Because Ken Ruscetta says Tebow sets a good example for his students, unlike some other players.

                 “I mean they have drug problems whether it's marriage problems and you know you have someone like this who comes along that's setting a good example not just for students this age but also for adults,” said Ken Ruscetta.

                  Elijah Ramos also chose Tebow as the athlete he admires.

                  “Broncos used to be a terrible team but I think now they've become great because Tim Tebow believes in God and I think God is helping him greatly,” said Ramos.

                   But during a classroom poll by principal Veronica Procopio, the Patriots won by a show of hands. Even so, the catholic school teacher, has a prayer he's clinging to.

                  “I just hope god's not on his side on Saturday,” joked Ruscetta.

                   42.5 million people watched last weekends Denver vs. Steelers game. Making it the most watched program on American television since last Super Bowl, beating out American Idol and even the Academy Awards. Tomorrows game is expected to blow those ratings out of the water.