Teen charged with felony for killing three seagulls

By News Staff

Reporting by Ana Bottary


A Westerly teen has been charged with a felony after driving his car into a flock of seagulls, killing three of them.

19-year-old Hunter Latham told Westerly police he thought it would be funny to drive through a flock of seagulls in the parking lot at Misquamicut Beach on Sunday, wanting to "scare them and watch them fly away."

According to the police report, witnesses saw the Latham rev the engine of his Audi before driving through the flock at a high rate of speed.

Latham’s step-father, Jason Thompson, tells ABC6 that Hunter made a mistake.

"The only thing I know, because I found out this morning, he told me he thought it would be funny to scare the birds. He made a mistake, he’s an idiot," said Thompson.

Westerly residents are mortified, condemning the teen’s actions.

"It’s not very nice around here, especially because we live on the sea. Seagulls are kind of protected aren’t they?" said resident, Harrison McCormick.

"You can’t hurt animals. We are animals lovers," explained Nancy, a resident who has owned a restaurant near Misquamicut Beach for over 20 years.

As for Latham, his step-father wasn’t sure what he should be charged with.

"Oh, I don’t know about that. I think he made a mistake. It’s up to the courts now whatever they want to do about it now," he said.

Latham was charged Monday with malicious injury to, or killing animals–a felony.

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