Teen Pulls off Mission-Impossible Style Breakin at Pharmacy

A 17 year-old boy is under arrest after cutting his way through the roof of a Plainville pharmacy, stealing various medications, and drinking so much cough medicine that he put himself into a stupor.

Police say Ryan Gelineau broke into the Plainville Prescription Center on South Street around 6am Monday after cutting through the roof with a hacksaw and crowbar.  He dropped into a storage room and began loading a duffel back with more than a hundred pill bottles, four cartons of cigarettes, and about $300 in cash.

Police arrived when the breakin alarm sounded around 6am, but found all the doors and windows closed and locked.  Seeing no signs of forced entry, they left.  The owner arrived at the store at 9am and found the hole in the roof, and called police again.  Officers searched the building for an hour but didn't find anyone inside.

Employees called the police back when they heard Gelineau's cell phone alarm ringing from above the ceiling tiles.  A Plainville patrolmen pushed up the ceiling tiles and found Gelineau in a crawlspace at the front of the store, having apparently crawled across an i-beam above the tiles.  Other officers and firefighters had to rescue him from the crawlspace.

Gelineau had apparently drank close to two pints of cough syrup containing codeine and was extremely disoriented when they found him.  He also had a rope and a mask in his possession.

He is due to be arraigned in Wrentham District Court today on several felony charges.