Central high football player murdered

By Dana Griffin


PROVIDENCE, RI- 17–year-old George Holland, who was shot through a kitchen window Tuesday night, has died.

Tonight, his family is pleading for the suspects to turn themselves in.

The Providence teen wore number 55, as a center for the Central High football team; hoping to one day become a police officer after a tragic past.

His mother, Shanna Rufo is in prison for stabbing and killing George's father.

“We were just robbed yesterday. That's how I feel because a part of me is missing and I can't find it and I hope the people that are responsible take the responsibility, step forward,” said Holland's uncle, Anthony Rufo.

Holland was shot at his girlfriend's house located on Colfax Street in Providence. He later died at Rhode Island Hospital.

Police say it was a sneak attack. Others were inside the home, but it's unclear if they were the intended targets.

Maj. David Lapatin said, “We do have some leads. We're letting the public know that it was a targeted shooting. It wasn't random.”

Holland was set to graduate this year. His grandmother had a direct message for the suspects.

“That was my son's son. That was my baby boy and now he's not here anymore because you're cowards. You're worthless to do something like that. And now our family is once again in a mess,” said Diane Holland.

Police say because of this murder, and past crimes in the area, there will be more police cars patrolling the neighborhood.

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