Teen with nut allergy dies from eating cookie

By: James Swierzbin


A 19-year-old from Bryant University is dead, after eating a cookie. It was cooked in peanut oil, and the student had a nut allergy.

He had a smile that lit up the room was loved by all. That's how 19–year old Cameron Fitzpatrick's mom and dad want to remember their son. Fitzpatrick died on Friday after eating a cookie that he was given by a friend.

A cookie that Fitzpatrick didn't know was cooked in peanut oil, which he was allergic to.

Unfortunately there was nothing Fitzpatrick's parents could do to try and save him. His epi–pen was still stuffed in a bag he had brought back home to Plymouth, Mass from Bryant University for spring break, and by the time he got to the hospital it was too late.

“I watched my son suffer awful, awful. Struggling to breath, begging for help,” said Robin Fitzpatrick. 

Now Fitzpatrick's parents can only think of their son's unrealized potential. An upbeat teen and  long–time hockey player, who's death, they hope, can serve as a lesson and warning to others with food allergies.

Mrs. Fitzpatrick said, “If you have any kind of an allergy please don't take it for granted, always inquire always ask.”