Witnesses of fatal New Years Day hit-and-run that killed teenager beg driver to come forward

"I also want the family to know that I was there by their daughter's side. And made sure she was alright and cared for at that point," said an emotional Raposo.

WARWICK, R.I. (WLNE) – A 17-year-old died in a hit-and-run on I-95 South in Warwick early Saturday morning. 

A Mercedes sedan driving at a high rate of speed slammed into a Nissan, driven by the teenager, near the Route 117 overpass, at about 1 a.m., according to Rhode Island State Police. 

Kenneth Raposo told ABC6 News he saw the crash, while driving behind the Mercedes. He said he believes the sedan was driving over 100mph.

Raposo stopped when he saw the wreck and got out to help the young driver.

“I pulled up to the Mercedes Benz at first and said, I’m not worried about him because he’s the one who caused it,” Raposo explained.

The teenager’s Nissan ended up going down an embankment, hitting a tree, and flipping over onto its roof. 

While Raposo was trying to help the teenager, Lyss Tayler, was in the passenger seat of his car on the phone with police dispatchers.

She said she saw the driver of the Mercedes get out of his car before he walked into the wooded area.

Tayler said about two minutes later, she saw the man walk back to his car and take something out of it, then headed back into the woods.

He never returned.

“He was walking just a casual walk,” said Tayler. “Not once did he come to check the other vehicle to see if anyone was okay, or if they needed help.”

The teenager died at the scene. 

Both Raposo and Tayler are now making a public plea for that man to turn himself into police.

“That little girl was only 17 that you hit, and took her life,” said Raposo. “Just turn yourself in.  It’ll be a lot easier on everybody and it’ll be easier on you”

The pair also hopes finding the man who did this will give the victim’s family some closure.

“I also want the family to know that I was there by their daughter’s side. And made sure she was alright and cared for at that point,” said an emotional Raposo.

“We’re here for the family if they need it in any way, that we can help.”

If you have any information about this crash, call Rhode Island State Police at 401-444-1064.  

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