Teens vandalize bus used to transport the handicapped

By: Rebecca Turco

Email: rturco@abc6.com

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – A Providence woman’s handicapped-accessible bus was vandalized by several teenagers early Sunday morning.

The bus was parked along Maplehurst Avenue. Several windows were broken and a battery for the power lift was stolen, then dropped off further down the street.

Surveillance video a group of juveniles throwing rocks at the windows, while others watched from the sidelines. The vandalism happened overnight Sunday.

"My heart sunk,” said Ms. Cecilio, who owns the bus. She runs a small business transporting disabled people. She says she just purchased the bus a few months ago.

"The business was getting there, building a clientele little by little,” she said. “You have to start from the bottom up – where do you want me to start now?"

Cecilio says her disabled fiancée was so shocked, she had a seizure. Speaking about the vandals, she told ABC6 News: "You’re doing random acts for fun or whatever reason you’re doing it, you could’ve potentially put my fiancée in the hospital for a long time, on top of costing my family a big deal of a situation.”

Cecilio says her insurance won’t cover the damage, so she wants the vandals to chip in and pay for it, and for their parents to hold them responsible. A friend has created an online fundraiser.

Police are investigating.

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