Temps are heating up

Providence, R.I. (WLNE)– It is going to be very hot across southern New England. Clouds filter in a bit today from the east and that helps us stay a few degrees cooler than those who are west of us.

Gfs Dma Highs Euro Cape


The jet stream is still far to our north and the high pressure system is still controlling our weather here. A lot of sunshine for us, but the heat from the west is driving into us and we won’t see a break from this until Friday.

Jet Stream Pattern Skylar

Dew points are running muggy to tropical like and with the heat that has the heat index level (feels like temps) in the mid 90’s. It will feel hot, hot, hot this week.

Humidity Panel

Our relief comes in towards the weekend as a front arrives on Friday bringing a cooler airmass and some scattered showers through the weekend. We return to average temps by Sunday.


TODAY: High 89. Mostly sunny, humid.

WEDNESDAY:  High 89. Hot & humid.

THURSDAY: High 91. Hot & humid.

FRIDAY: High 84. Scattered showers.

SATURDAY: High 81. Mostly sunny. Chance of rain.

SUNDAY: High 78. Cooler. Spot showers.

MONDAY: High 76. Spot Showers.

TUESDAY: High 78.

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