Teens testify in Terri Serra trial

By: Melissa Toupin


Terri Serra left Washington County District Court in Wakefield Monday without saying a single word.

Inside several new witnesses were called to testify in the former Chariho school committee members trial for violating Rhode Islands social host law.

Among them, a 16-year-old who says he was among those drinking at a party at Serra's Richmond home the night four Charlestown teens got into a serious car accident.

Serra's lawyer argued she had made it clear to the teens from the start there would be no drugs or alcohol.

Zachary Wallannder testified that a group of about a dozen kids were drinking beers, a handle of UV Blue vodka and smoking marijuana on the property. In a police report Wallander told police Ms.Serra knew they had alcohol.

Paul Gunning lives along Rt 112 in Charlestown and was awoke by his wife after the crash.

In court he identified Ms.Serra as the woman he saw drive up to the spot where the at least one of the teens was still hanging out of the mangled car, then make a phone call. Gunning says the call was not for help but instead to someone she was yelling at saying things like come down here and see what you had done.

We tried to ask Serra about that call. She had no comment.

Prosecutors say cell phone records have been pulled.

The trial is set to continue Wednesday.