Terror suspects met at Rhode Island beach, police still investigating Aspinet Drive

By News Staff
Reporting by Rebecca Turco

Questions remain about a terror probe that saw State Police and FBI agents search a house in Warwick.

Thursday, there was still a law enforcement detail parked outside of the Aspinet Drive home currently at the center of the investigation—the third day in a row that authorities have been on scene.

Still, no official information has been released on how exactly this probe in Warwick is related to the investigation in Boston, where terror suspect Usaam Rahim was shot and killed by police in a confrontation Tuesday morning.

An affidavit released Wednesday revealed Rahim recently visited a beach in Rhode Island with David Wright, who was arrested in Everett, MA, on Tuesday, and one other person. The documents also revealed Rahim’s plot to behead Boston Police Officers.

Police have questioned a man who lives at the Aspinet Drive home but still aren’t confirming whether he is the third suspect mentioned in the court documents. The constant police presence on the street, as well the presence of the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force, raise suspicions of the link.

“It’s critical for investigators right now not to have any leakage of that information,” said Massachusetts Rep. Bill Keating.

Congressman Keating, who is on the state foreign affairs and homeland security committees, says with terror cases especially, officers have to take every precaution when it comes to releasing information.

“Certainly, they don’t want any of those people, or potential associates, to flee, or to be on the alert,” he continued.

Neighbors tell ABC6 the person in question is a man in his 20’s named Nick, who recently converted to Islam and changed his appearance drastically.

Though there is a smaller police presence than on Tuesday and Wednesday, it is unclear is that indicates the case is nearing its end.

Keating says these kinds of threats aren’t going anywhere, saying, “We’re living in a world where terrorism has gone viral online and where these kinds of threats, unfortunately, are part of the landscape now that we live with.”

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