Test Results Show Slight Rises for Rhode Island

Results of the New England Common Assessment Program (NECAP) were announced today. Commissioner Deborah Gist explains, “the way I would summarize our performance as a state, is at the elementary level we were virtually unchanged, significant gains in mathematics and reading at the middle school level, virtually unchanged in reading at the high school level and then we had a dip in mathematics at the high school level which was disappointing.”

Statewide, 56% of Rhode Island students scored at a proficient or better in mathematics (up 1 percentage from 2010) and 73% scored proficient or better in reading (up 2 points from 2010).

Some specific schools were recognized for significant gains. Blackstone Valley Prep Elementary School improved its percent proficient in mathematics by 25 points, Central Falls High School raised its 4-year graduation rate from 54% to 71%, The Learning Community Charter School improved its percent proficient in mathematics but 15 points, and The North Smithfield School District which improved its percent proficient in writing by more than 20 points.

While there were many success stories, it wasn't all positive. Of the thirty-one ambitions goals Commissioner Gist had set, only seven were met with this round of testing. She says, “as we look to our goals next year, we have to make even bigger gains than we would have had to had we met our goals this year because every year those goals get higher and higher.”