Texans player calls Patriots come from behind win “fishy”

By: Melissa Randall


Twitter: @MelissaARandall

A come from behind victory for the New England Patriots was quickly followed by allegations of spying.

“How can they say that? It's impossible to cheat. Everyone is there with the expertise.  They'd know what was going on,” said Bob King of Cumberland.

“I think it's foolish really,” said Joe Falcioni of Glocester. “Now a day it's pretty had to cheat no matter what the sport is. They're one step ahead of you.”

After a less–than–stellar first half the pats shut down the Texans defense scoring 27 points and finishing up the game with the win. Texans Defense End Antonio Smith didn't go as far as to say the Pats cheated, but did say the sudden change–of–events was “fishy”, and questioned whether the team “spied” on or “scouted” them.

“They're pretty honorable when they play. They have a lot of integrity as a team,” said Steve Donnellan of Worcester. “I think the Texans lack the talent to beat the patriots and I think they are a little jealous.”

It's not the first time the patriots are being accused of such actions— look no further than the '07 video tape controversy, but in this instance fans ABC6 News spoke to at Patriot's Place say Smith is way off base.

Those same fans know one way to make sure the topic isn't brought up ever again saying the Patriots need to step up their game.

“They got to pick it up in the first half. They can't just drag behind like that. Sooner or later it's going to bite them,” said Falcioni.

So far there has been no comment from the Patriots organization on the matter.

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