TF Green Doesn’t Expect Patdown Problems

With the nationwide backlash against the new, more aggressive TSA security patdowns at airports, there is an online movement underway that might delay holiday travelers at the airport.

“National Opt-Out Day” is set for Wednesday the 24th at airports around the country, calling for passengers to skip the new backscatter scanner and opt for a patdown instead, which organizers expect will cause severe delays, missed flights, and have the ultimate result of demonstrating public anger against the new security procedures.

It's unclear how many people will actually follow through with it, but Rhode Island TSA Director Joe Salter says he doesn't expect problems at Green because of it; rather, security officers there are expecting that anybody who does intentionally delay other passengers might draw the wrath of their fellow travelers who just want to get through the checkpoints quickly.

ABC6 Reporter Matt Stevens has that story.