T.F Green ranks 2nd “best small airport in the nation”

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WARWICK, R.I – T.F Green placed 2nd in USA Today’s “10 Best Readers Choice Travel Award” contest, barely being etched out by Huntsville International Airport in Alabama. 

T.F Green was in the lead for a while, but in the end, secured a 2nd place spot out of 500 eligible small airports in the nation. 

According USA Today’s website, “Loyal fans of T.F. Green Airport in Rhode Island love it as an alternative to Boston Logan for its lack of crowds and lines and quick access to Providence and Boston via a dedicated train station.” 

The website also says it is a great option for travellers making their way to Cape Cod. 

Iftikhar Ahmad, president and CEO of the Rhode Island Airport Corporation said, “We are honored that so many of our patrons took the time to vote in support of Green Airport and we take pride that our commitment to improve services has been recognized by travel experts and passengers alike.” 

According to Ahmad, the airport is getting a makeover in the next few years and will be going for the top spot next time. 

“30, 40 new stores in the terminal, we’re going to renovate this whole place. So maybe next time, we’ll be number one.” 

Other new England Airports that finished in the top ten are Bangor Maine, finishing in 5th place, and Manchester New Hampshire, finishing in 9th. 

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