T.F. Green to offer flights to Germany

By: Samantha Lavien
Twitter: @samanthalavien

T.F. Green will soon begin offering international flights. Governor Lincoln Chafee announced on Tuesday that Condor Airlines will start flying to and from Frankfurt, Germany on June 18, 2015.

Flights will initially be offered twice a week, seasonally from June to September.

“This is a huge, huge victory. I think that overtime we are going to see that our best days are very much ahead of us,” said Jon Savage of the Rhode Island Airport Corporation.

The announcement comes amid major construction at the airport to expand the primary runway. Condor flights will not require the extra room, but the Governor says the expansion likely helped seal the deal.

“I’m sure that there’s a linkage between their interest here and our investments in the airport,” said Chafee.

The director of tourism for the state say’s opening the international gateway will be beneficial to the local economy.

“German’s have an average of 10 weeks vacation time. They come in they spend a longer period of time and lots of cash when they are here. So, we absolutely know that the 500 consumers coming into the market place weekly is going to make a big difference,” said Mark Brodeur the director of tourism in Rhode Island.

And, travelers that ABC 6 News caught up with are looking forward to having more options at T.F. Green.

“We travel to Europe like once a year so it will just make things easier,” said Michael Ayad.

“It gives people the opportunity to go around more and you don’t have to drive far to go anywhere you know,” said Joe Lonergan.

Officials want to continue to expand international travel options at the airport. The hope is that the new runway construction will help with that. On Monday another step of that project will be complete. There will be an event on September 8 to acknowledge the completion of Runway 16.

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