The 9th annual Providence Marathon took off Sunday

By Kainani Stevens

For the 9th straight year runner pounded the pavement in the capital city for the annual Providence Marathon.

One of the largest contingencies, Massachusetts based organization Dreamfar, pairs teachers and high school students together in a marathon training program and had over 100 participants in this year’s race. 

The 2016 marathon wasn’t without controversy though. Two organizations: Eident Sports Marketing and Rhode Races and Events battled it out in court for who had the right to hold this year’s race.

In February, Rhode Races and Events eventually won out but with runners registered through two different websites and less than two months until the race, turnout was a bit uncertain.

Regardless, this year over 3,000 people hit the course and for most crossing that finish line was all that mattered.

We reached out to Rhode Races and Events today, and they told us they honored just under 1,000 runners who registered with Eident sports marketing by mistake. At this time, those runners have not received any money from Eident.

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