The Arctic Blast has Arrived!

Temperatures have been dropping all day as Arctic air has poured into New England. Temperatures will be dropping through tonight and we will likely break the record low for Saturday. We were at -2 in 1918 while temps are expected to drop to -5 for Saturday morning. The record cold air will be accompanied by winds gusting 20-30 mph. The result will be the potential for dangerous cold wind chills as low as -30. With wind chills this low, we could see frostbite in a matter of minutes. Please keep your pets inside through this brutal cold. If you must go out, use several layers and make sure to cover your mouth to protect your lungs. Saturday morning will be the worst of the wind chills so if you have to take your dog out to do it’s business, walk your dog on a leash to keep watch on them to know if the cold is too much and when to bring them back in. Winds will relax Saturday and temperatures will slowly recover, but sub-zero wind chills will be here through the afternoon. We recover quickly from this arctic blast Sunday. Sunday will have more clouds with lows in the teens, but we will see temps recover into the 46s for the afternoon. Starting Monday, we will see highs near 50 and this milder trend will be with us through the end of next week. Our next chance of showers comes on Thursday afternoon as of now.

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