The Dow Jones Industrial average shattered a record today, opening and closing over 20,000 for the first time

Cheers on the floor of the stock exchange at the opening Wednesday morning as the Dow Industrial average rose past the 20,000 mark for the first time.
"I think for the average investor there is a lot of excitement out there. People are thinking, should I go into the market, should I be making changes?" says Michelle Cortes-Harkins, Wealth Management Advisor at Harkins Wealth Management.
The Dow is made up of 30  different companies, whose shares are the most widely held by investors. Speaking with wealth management advisors, they say one misconception people have is when the Dow goes up it effects every sector of the economy.

"Some sectors are up some sectors may be down so it really depends. I think diversification is really the key here," adds Cortes-Harkins.

Wealth management advisor at Harkins Wealth Management Rick Harkins says the rise is partly due to politics and the new president.
"It’s seen as a good thing for major companies, possible deregulation that might occur, but it really depends in the long run of the profits of the individual companies and how they sustain that over time," says Harkins.
While some are excited about the rise others are having feelings of uncertainty. People like Asher Schofield, a small business owner in Providence.
"When things reach these highs, they are often followed by a decline and we never really know when that is going to happen. We don’t know what policies are on the horizon that can change that," says Schofield.

Schofield says he’s run his business Frog & Toad for almost 16 years, and has seen a lot of cause and effect in the stock market.

"That give and take and flow of dollars it’s all connected to the stock market and how comfortable people are feeling with it," adds Schofield.

Harkins, suggests not buying in just because of Wednesday’s excitement.

"Obviously you have to be careful and look at your circumstances, and really stick to your financial plan," he says.

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