The Owner of Frosty beverage speaks to ABC6

By John Guice

      Frosty beverage, was one of 13 soda makers in Fall River during the 1940s and '50s.It's a been around for fifty–nine years. When the owner of Frosty beverage, Eddie Abdow,announced he was closing,he received thousands  of e–mails and messages on face book,hoping the tasty beverage would stay around. He talked exclusively to ABC6 as to why this was a good time to move on.

     Eddie Abdow lives in two worlds. In addition to being the owner of Frosty beverage,he's also an eighth grade science  teacher at Henry Lord middle school.He never imagined  he would do anything else but make soda. His grandfather, Azar Abdow, started the  company located on Quarry street. Making soda has been a family tradition.He says “I've been juggling two careers for nine years now, it's been two full time jobs, I love them both, but it's time to focus on one”Many people say they'll miss the soda. The Strollo family says, they've been drinking Frosty beverages for years and, at one time, had it delivered to their house.Abdow says, he stopped delivering soda awhile ago. he also says the cost of maintaining equipment was an issue. He says, the soda won't go away entirely, he's teaching students at the middle school how to make the soda as part of their class project. Abdow says ,the plant will close in about two months.