The Prout School discovers students eating marijuana edibles

By Kirsten Glavin


At least two students are suspected of eating marijuana edibles at The Prout School in South Kingstown.  One admitted consumption in front of his mother. The school principal, David Estes, searched one of the backpacks, finding what’s described as a cookie dough type edible in a plastic bag, reeking of marijuana.

Another student who left school early due to an illness is also suspected of eating the substance.

One of the students was sent to the South County Hospital.

The school ended up canceling their spirit week.

"They just came over the intercom and said that spirit week was canceled because due to the acts of a few, many have to be punished,” said Prout Senior Jessica Hart.

Students said many high schools have a drug problem, and that the incident comes as no surprise.

"It didn’t surprise me that something like this would happen,” added Taylor Hanes, a Senior at The Prout School.  “I didn’t think it would get this out of hand, but the school is doing the best they can to handle it. The administration is being really supportive and helping the kids involved, as well as the teachers and they’re very open to talking to us about it."

Where the students got the edibles is still under investigation.