The season’s first snowstorm headed towards Providence

Saturday Night Forecast

The main event for Sunday evening is a small (Alberta Clipper type) storm system coming our way from the Midwest.

We’ll  see cloudy conditions throughout the night with the threat of an afternoon snow or rain shower around, but with temperatures in the mid 30s there won’t be anything to worry about in terms of any accumulation. Once we get past nightfall though that’s when steady light snow overspreads the region. Untreated roads will become snow covered throughout the evening hours.

This is going to be a fast moving event, lasting about 10-12 hours and ending by 6-7am Monday, and not a lot of moisture so snow totals look to be minimal. Right now, I’m only expecting about a coating to an inch throughout most of RI with the northwestern hills likely to get 1-2 inches.   As we go through the day Monday the sky will clear and temperatures will rise into the melting range reaching the mid 30’s for highs.

The midweek stretch will be cold and dry with highs mostly in the upper 30s and then by the end of the week there looks to be another storm coming our way. Right now, it looks like rain develops Friday and mixes with or possibly changes to Snow Friday night /early Saturday. It is really too soon to call out any details and the look of that potential storm system will certainly change during the week so tune into ABC6 news for all the latest forecast trends.

ABC6 Meteorologist, Bill Gile

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