‘There was a man in my closet’: More students come forward at Brown University

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — More students at Brown University came forward about a man broke into their dorm at Wayland Hall. This time, they found him in the closet.

The roommate — who wished to remain anonymous — explained the terrifying moments she ran into the man Tuesday.

“He just seemed to be standing in her closet and not really doing anything,” she said. “It was really odd, and he didn’t seem to be hiding because as soon as I came into the room, he headed for the door.”

Sherry Zhang, a sophomore in the residence hall, said her roommate texted her moments after.

“At first, I thought it was really funny,” said Zhang. “But then she said, ‘Oh, no it’s not a joke, there was actually a person in your closet.”

The students said Brown University met with them shortly after but did not contact other students in Wayland Hall.

Zhang explained, “We were really confused that no one was reaching out to us, and no one was saying anything about the situation until after the other reports came in.”

ABC 6 News spoke with students Tuesday who reported the same man breaking into their suite twice on Sunday.

Court documents show Thony Greene, 27, was arrested in connection to those break-ins Sunday. He has an extensive criminal record, including prior trespassing charges on the school’s campus.

While Wayland Hall students were notified after the arrest Sunday, Zhang and her roommates say it’s concerning no one was notified after their incident a week before.

“Nothing seemed to have been done right after our incident,” said Zhang. “I think we would have appreciated more support in the time in-between. I got to the point where were really just feeling uncomfortable in our own dorms.”

Brown University said they have increased security presence on campus.

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