‘They took a good man away’: Woonsocket PD investigate homicide as loved ones mourn father of 5

WOONSOCKET, R.I. (WLNE) – Woonsocket Police are investigating a homicide that occurred early Wednesday morning that left five children without a father.

Police responded to Logee Street just after midnight Wednesday after receiving reports of gunshots. Officers found 33-year-old Percy Standifer in the driveway of 156 Logee Street with a gunshot wound.

Chief Thomas Oates said they believe Standifer was shot in the street and crawled to the driveway of the residence.

Standifer was transported to Rhode Island Hospital but didn’t survive through emergency surgery. He was pronounced dead Wednesday night.

“We were middle school sweethearts,” said Ashley Scurry, the mother to Standifer’s 6-year-old twins. They live just a few blocks away from where he was gunned down.

“He was a really good father. It’s hard to explain to 6-year-olds. My daughter, she’s devastated. She was a daddy’s girl so she’s not really… she cried herself to sleep. She’s really devastated about it. My son, I don’t think he really understands.”

Standifer had three other children from previous relationships.

Scurry said the two were inseparable as kids and reconnected before the birth of their twins.

She said his family believes he was lying in the driveway injured for as long as an hour before anyone noticed.

“Somebody found him and they brought him to the hospital. And during his surgery, he died on the table,” Scurry said. “If he wasn’t sitting there too long without medical attention, there could’ve been a possibility he could have made it.”

Standifer had a past, Scurry said, but it was behind him. She said he was turning his life around.

“He was on the right track. He was working with his father and doing good this time. Who would want to kill him? I mean, he’s had problems with people but not problems enough for somebody to kill him. That’s really intense.”

Scurry said he was well known in the community. He lives behind his five children, his parents, and two sisters.

“For him to be taken out this way it’s just really cowardly, and they just took a good man away from his family. He’s his dad’s only son. He has two sisters, and his mother… she’s really devastated.”

The family has no idea who’s responsible, but they hope someone with information comes forward soon.

“Everybody knows him. Everybody loves him,” Scurry said. “That’s what I’m saying. Who would want to shoot him and why? But I hope whoever it is, pays for their crime, and soon.”

Woonsocket Police said the investigation is active and ongoing. They don’t yet have any suspects and have not made any arrests.

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