Thieves leave behind valuables, take family dog

By: Melissa Toupin

An empty dog crate sits in the Watkins' living room. It is a constant reminder that their beloved yorkie is no longer there. Her pink collar left behind when thieves broke into the Providence apartment and stole the pooch named Gucci.

“I planned on her growing up with our daughter,” said owner Ashley Watkins. “You know she was part of our wedding.”

Ashley and James just moved to the city, and are starting a new chapter in their lives as newly weds and new parents to a baby girl. The couple left their house to run a few errands around 12 o'clock Tuesday, and when they returned home Gucci was gone.

“The window was wide open. When I walked around [the apartment] I saw the screen outside the window,” said James Watkins.

The couple lives on the second floor. They say the thieves climbed up two propane tanks outside the apartment to get through the window. Once inside the robbers helped themselves to two Mac Books, a camera, and the dog before jumping back out the window.

But it's what they left behind that has the Watkins' puzzled. A diamond engagement ring, big screen TV and other electronics were untouched.

The dog's owners are now questioning whether Gucci was what the thieves wanted all along. They are pleading for her safe return. 

“We don't care about the material things. We want our dog back. Our family member back,” said Mrs. Watkins.

The family has posted flyers all around the neighborhood and are even offering a reward. They hope Gucci is returned soon. She was born with a genetic disorder and is recovering from a recent hip and knee surgery. Without medication the dog could be in pain. 

Her family has also posted a missing flyer on the Facebook page, RI Lost Pets.

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