Thieves steal Christmas tree off of young boys grave

By Ana Bottary


Noah Fernandes was just 14 years old when he lost his battle to a rare disorder called mitochondrial disease. Nine months later, this is the first Christmas his family will spend without him. In Noah’s memory, his mother Christine placed a small Christmas tree next to his gravestone at Pine Grove cemetery in New Bedford. Just a few weeks later she was shocked to see it had been stolen.
"I was mad! How dare they? Like in shock too. Like a child’s tree?" says Christine Fernandes.
Christine and her family put the tree there the week before thanksgiving, she believes it was taken last week. Hanging from the branches of the small three foot tree, several meaningful ornaments.

"Things that Noah loved. Like there was a Nemo, a Lighting McQueen, there’s Spider Man, and a Looney Toons thing," she says.

Christine describes Noah as someone who never complained and though he could not speak, he touched many lives.

"Memories just stay with you, because he was just so strong. I try to live my life and teach my other two to be like Noah."

She says there is one message she would like to relay to whoever took the tree.

"If they have it, bring it back. If it’s going to bring them a little bit of joy, if they really couldn’t afford it, then so be it. It’s the season of forgiving and love. That’s what Noah was all about so that is what I wish for them."

(c)WLNE-TV/ABC6 2016