Third and Final Debate Focuses on Foreign Policy

by Mark Curtis, ABC 6 Political Reporter


After the polite handshakes, the two candidates sat at a table with CBS anchor Bob Schieffer, who promised lots of question on the Libyan controversy, including about the killing of the U.S. Ambassador.

Instead, the candidates debated more about Mideast policy in general

President Obama said, “I know you actually have not been in the position to execute foreign policy. But every time you have offered an opinion, you've been wrong. You said we should have gone into Iraq.”

Gov. Mitt Romney responded, “Attacking me is not an agenda. Attacking me is not talking about the challenges that exist in the Middle East, and take advantage of the opportunity there and stem the tide of this violence.”

Then the topic veered way off course, from foreign affairs.

Each man tried to say his own economic policies would make the U.S. stronger on the world stage.

Gov. Romney said, “America must lead. And for that to happen. We have to strengthen our economy here at home. You can't have 23 million people struggling to get a job. You can't have an economy over that last three years that is slowing down its growth rate.”

President Obama said, “If we've got math teachers, who are able the kind of support they need for our kids, that's what's going to determine whether or not whether new businesses are going to locate here.”.

Back to foreign policy, both candidates said they would protect Israel if it was attacked by Iran.