Third Graders raise money for local animal shelter

By: Chelsea Priest

A holiday robbery at the Center for Animal Rescue and Education in New Bedford left volunteers at the shelter shocked. Ruth Marshman says, “Breaking into a place that is already struggling hard enough and animals that don't have a home, who are staying with us temporarily, we need everything  we can get.”

That's why third-grader Chad Estes, who also volunteers at the shelter with his mom knew he had to do something. He enlisted the help of fellow third grader Felicity Pacheco and they came up with a fundraising idea, “Pennies for Pounds.” Estes says, “I thought it was really neat how we pretty much got the entire school to just throw money in a jar for animals.”

The two students made posters and every grade at St. Joseph School in Fairhaven competed to see who could raise the most money. Marshman was awed, “I was so amazed that these kids were giving up their pennies and change that they could be going out and buying candy or video games or whatever kids do these days for animals!”

To top off the fundraiser, when Bay Coast Bank found out what the students were doing they decided to match whatever the kids raised. In all a check for $1000 was awarded to the Center for Animal Rescue and Education.