“This is really remarkable”, 2nd Great white shark tagged in R.I. waters’ history

Another shark tagged in Rhode Island waters, 2nd one tagged in 3 weeks.

POINT JUDITH, R.I. (WLNE) – For just the second time in Rhode Island’s water history- a Great white shark has been tagged off the coast of Narragansett.

The Atlantic Shark Institute says on Saturday, a juvenile, female shark was tagged off Point Judith.

It was just less than three weeks ago- when the first Great White shark was tagged in the state’s waters.

“We were just really, really surprised to find another one show up so quickly,” Jon Dodd, the Executive Director of the Atlantic Shark Institute tells ABC6 on Wednesday.

So why is this happening? And what does this mean for the safety of swimmers at state beaches?

Dodd says he does not think this is anything new, it’s just now being learned about with this new acoustic tagging technology. He says with these recent taggings- he still does not believe the water is anymore ‘unsafe’ than it was 5, 20 or even 100 years ago.

“People might say oh a Great white shark is close to shore, is this new or different? I don’t believe it is,” Dodd adds.

These acoustic tags are described by experts to work like a Social Security number. Once the shark is tagged, every time it passes within 500-800 yards of a receiver it will be registered in the system.

Less than 300 white sharks have been tagged in the North West Atlantic waters. The acoustic tags last for 10 years.

Dodd says while the chance of getting attacked by a shark is one in many millions; shark tips are always important to remember- like swimming close to the shore, swimming in a large group, and not swimming in the ocean during dusk or dawn.

For more information on The Atlantic Shark Institute and acoustic tagging in our area- please click here.



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