‘This is what racism in journalism looks like’: LaFortune slams Providence Journal after photo choice

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — Providence City Councilwoman and mayoral candidate Nirva LaFortune on Tuesday accused the Providence Journal of racist journalism.

The journal published an article in Tuesday’s issue about the mayoral race. The photos used for candidates Gonzalo Cuervo and Brett Smiley were professional headshots, while the photo used of LaFortune was one where she appears to be angry.

“Oh, how I love opening up the paper and finding a photo of me in mid-sentence looking ‘angry’ but actually speaking passionately about a matter,” LaFortune wrote in tweet.

LaFortune questioned why she did not have a headshot photo used like the other candidates, saying, “Why couldn’t I get a headshot photo, similar to the guys?”

In a second tweet, she added a professional photo of herself and encouraged the journal to use that one in the future.

“This is what racism in Journalism looks like,” LaFortune added.

In a statement sent to ABC 6 News, the paper apologized saying in part, “We regret the photo selected for this story.”

Tuesday afternoon, Cuervo called the Providence Journal’s editorial decision “inexcusable.”

@projo had their own photographers shoot us at the beginning of the cycle. They have plenty of great photos to choose from. There is zero justification for this,” wrote the Cuervo.

In a statement to ABC 6, Smiley wrote in part that “it’s disappointing that the Providence Journal decided that was the most appropriate image of the Councilwoman to use.”

“The Journal can and should do better than this,” he concluded. 

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