Threat made against Jewish Community Day School

By: Bianca Buono

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Another threat made against the Jewish community. The latest target? Kids.

"The Jewish Community Day School…he’d be on the roof with an assault weapon," said Public Safety Commissioner Steven Pare.

The woman who answered the phone at the school had just gone through training on what to do if a threat was called in so she did her best to stay calm and keep the caller on the phone.

Meanwhile, providence police rushed to the school.

"…up on the roof as well," said Pare.

All of this as at least seventy-five young students sat in their classrooms unaware of the potential danger.

Thankfully no shooter was found.

"We’re not having conversations with little kids about it. We leave parents to decide whether or not they want to discuss this with their children," said Pare.

Adam Tilove, the head of the school says nothing like this has happened at the school before.

But just last week a bomb threat was made to the Jewish Community Center around the corner.

"It’s a messed up time in the country and it’s hard to be Jewish at this time," said Adam Tilove.

Mayor Elorza condemned the threats in Providence.

They’re among more than a hundred across the United States since the start of the year.

"This has no place in our community and anytime it comes up we’re going to call it out. We’re going to catalogue it. We’re going to do everything that we need to to make sure it never gets normalized," said Mayor Jorge Eloza.

Despite the traumatic morning, Tilove says these threats aren’t sparking fear in the Jewish community.

Instead they’re bringing people together.

"One of the things I notice when this happens is how many people come to support us," said Tilove.

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