Ahlquist Gets Threatening Hand-Written Letter

Cranston Police are investigating a threatening note that was mailed to atheist teen Jessica Ahlquist, the person who successfully sued to have a prayer banner at Cranston West High School taken down.

The hand-written threatening note contains numerous vulgarities directed at the 16-year-old atheist. Beginning with “the cops will not watch you forever.” The letter goes on to say “get the [expletive] out of Rhode Island.”

According to police, however, Ahlquist received the letter February 17th, one day after the Cranston School Committee voted not to appeal a federal judges ruling to have the prayer banner taken down.

Police say the Ahlquist family notified them about the note on April 5th.

Police say they are taking the letter “very seriously” and are investigating the matter.

ABC6 News will post new details as they are uncovered.