Three arrested following an alleged East Providence home repair scam

By: Kirsten Glavin 


They went by false names, and worked for multiple fake repair companies.  Three alleged scammers:  32 year old Anthony Williams, 33–year old David Johnson, and 30-year-old Sally Davis were arrested, after charging an elderly man 37 thousand dollars for repairs they never did.

"It’s rather disgusting that we have people out there scamming our elders out of thousands of dollars for poor work or no work at all,” said Lt. Raymond Blinn of the East Providence Police Department.

Multiple inspectors investigated the home, and found the quality of repairs “extremely substandard.”

"They wrecked the basement on him, they destroyed it,” said Albert Quattrucci, the East Providence Building Official.  He found makeshift concrete and poor quality driveway pavement on the scene. 

 "It’s going to cost the poor man more money to get the house back to the way it was originally before these people came in,” Quattrucci verified.

Williams and Johnson were caught in the act and arrested Saturday afternoon.  But East Providence police say this one instance may only be the tip of the ice berg.

"Their own admissions… they've been doing this since they were teenagers,” Lt. Blinn added.

The three suspects may have ties to other criminal activity in Florida, and Georgia.

"This is part of what happens, they go around, find a home for a while, they do their work, they take advantage of people, and as they get caught, they move on to another state,” said Lt. Blinn.

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