Three arrested for housebreak in Westport

Nicole Couture

By News Staff

Westport Police have arrested three suspects for breaking into a home on Sanford Road.

Around 2 p.m. last Friday, an off-duty firefighter witnessed suspicious activity on the property of 628 Sanford Road and reported it to police.

A blue Honda CRV, driven by a female driver, had dropped off two males in the driveway of the house which was vacant and listed for sale.

The males, identified as Michael Mills Jr, 23, and Clifford Howard Jr. 25, had entered the home before hopping a fence and fleeing to a wooded area as police arrived. They were then apprehended by police in the woods.

Officers stopped the driver of the vehicle, identified as Nicole Couture, 33, near Briggs Road.

Police say Mills had entered the house using pipe cutters, slashing through a furnace pipe and causing the cellar to flood.

Police also say the suspects claimed to be searching for a missing dog.

The three were arrested and scheduled for arraignment Monday.

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