Three arrested in police pursuit, vehicle reaching speeds of 140mph

REHOBOTH, MASS (WLNE) – Three men were arrested in a police chase after hitting a speed of 140mph on the highway, and causing other drivers to swerve to avoid a collision.

At 8:15 PM on Wednesday, officers from the Rehoboth Police department responded to Winthrop Street/Rte 44 for a report of a red Jeep Grand Cherokee, traveling at an extreme rate of speed.

According to police, the Jeep was traveling east on Rte 55 from Seekonk.

It was reported that the car was passing vehicles traveling the opposite direction, and those vehicles had swerved to avoid a collision.

Once the vehicle was located by officers, it was determined it was traveling at a speed of 140mph.

As the vehicle approached the intersection of Route 44 and Route 118, its speed was 103mph, according to police.

Police had deployed the use of “stop sticks” to deflate the tires of the Jeep.

The vehicle immediately pulled into a driveway, where it spun out of control, said police.

The occupants were identified as 20-year-old Justin Vargas, 20-year-old Michael Vargas, and 27-yea-old Narciso Urena, all of Queens, New York.

During a search of the vehicle, police identified items known to be used in car part thefts. particularly catalytic converters.

Police also noticed a shoe print on the driver’s seat, which could indicate the operator switched seats.

Justin Vargas was determined to be the driver.

All three were taken into custody at the Rehoboth Police Station, and are being charged with possession of a burglarious instrument.

Justin Vargas is also being charged with Reckless operation and failure to stop for police.


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