Motorcycle riders arrested for assault of a 60-year-old man and off-duty police officer

FALL RIVER, MA (WLNE) – Three men were arrested Thursday for an assault on a 60-year-old man and an off-duty Fall River Police Officer on June 4.

According to a press release, the off-duty officer, Sgt. Steven R. Burt, was on his way home around 8:00 p.m. on June 4.

While driving home Burt said he saw a car accident at the entrance of the Wal- Mart on Brayton Avenue.

While examining the scene he noticed numerous motorcycles at the entrance and one of them was on the ground, and a car at the entrance.

Burt got out of his car to see if there were any injuries.

As he walked toward the scene, he noticed an older man trying to stand up but a group of motorcycle riders surrounded him and began an assault.

Burt ran over to group of men assaulting the older man and identified himself as a police officer but the motorcycle riders continued the assault, according to Burt.

Burt later yelled at a male motorcycle rider to stop as he was attempting to flee.

Eventually Burt was able to knock the rider off his motorcycle onto the ground but then a fight began between the rider and Burt.

Another rider then jumped in to help in the assault against Burt.

While Burt was being assaulted by the two male motorcycle riders, he noticed another male rider “pistol-whipping” the 60-year-old man in the head.

Burt was able to break away from the two males assaulting him and walked in the direction of the older man who was also being assaulted.

As Burt walked toward the older male victim being assaulted, all of the males got on their motorcycles and fled the scene.

Burt was able to take photographs of the riders and their motorcycles as they fled.

The 60-year-old male victim also left the scene.

Within the next several days police searched for the victim who was assaulted by the group of motorcycle riders.

After several days, they found the victim at a Boston hospital suffering with a subdural brain hemorrhage.

After collecting and finding witnesses, video, and other evidence the suspects were identified.

All three Fall River men were identified as suspects and arrested on Thursday:

  • Angel Luciano, 21
  • Anbiorix Torres, 20
  • Jose Luis Gervacio, 25

You can see their charges attached to their mugshot in the photos above.

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