Three men break into Providence Place Mall, seen with shopping cart filled with bags

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE): Three men broke into Providence Place Mall on Saturday, according to Commander Thomas Verdi. The mall was ordered to close down on Monday due to coronavirus concerns.

At one point the three subjects were seen via CCTV, to have a shopping cart with them filled with several bags, and walking down the South Side Garage Entrance with the merchandise and out towards Promenade Street, according to a police report. Due to camera issues, it is undetermined if they were picked up by a car or not.

Mall security was able to determine that the men left on foot from the scene, unloading the merchandise being taken and then re-entering the mall through an unknown location other than the designated entry area, which is by P2 Northside by P.F Changs. Due to several computer issues, it was difficult for security and police to determine the route of entry due used by the three subjects.

According to police, three men went into Champ’s around 1:30 p.m. The three were seen loading several bags of merchandise, entering their store, and then repeating the process until the store manager arrived on the scene. All three men had all of the hoods of their hoodies on to prevent revealing their faces and were all wearing rubber gloves.

The storE was in disarray with items scattered around the floor and the rear door was open, according to the police report. The store manager reviewed the footage and informed police he had received a call from mall security informing him there was an alarm that was coming from his store.

The store manager scanned the remainder of the store to find that no one else was in the store. Shortly after, he starting reviewing camera footage and heard a loud thud noise from his storage area and then the rear door slamming shut.

The store manager said approximately $15,000 worth of shoes and clothing was taken, and 2 money drawers that contained $250 each.

Providence Place Mall Security informed police that he was on his patrol and observed there to be an alarm that was coming from the Abercrombie and Fitch clothing store.

As he was checking the store, he observed there to be a pry mark at the rear Abercrombie and Fitch door with a hanger that was lying on the ground by the door that was bent forward.

He then observed the rear door of Champ’s to be opened. As he entered the store, he stated that there was no one in the store at this time but could tell that items were being thrown around. This is when he contacted his dispatcher to reach out to the store key holder to respond to the scene.

Police searched the store for any subjects in the store with negative results. No one has been arrested at this time.

According to a police report, one of the subjects was a Hispanic male wearing a red and black sweater, black pants, and ‘Jordan 6 Rings or Jordan II Retro.

A second man was described as a black male wearing a black sweater with a Champion logo on it with black sweat pants and white Air Force Ones.

The third subject was described as a Hispanic male wearing a black sweater and black sweat pants wearing white ‘Retro 3s with elephant print’.


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