Three men rescue young deer in distress from Newport Harbor

"Sure enough, man, it took right off through the woods. Ran by two kids on the beach collecting shells. I don't think they still know what happened," said Shaver.

NEWPORT, R.I. (WLNE)- Dockmaster Geordie Shaver has worked at a Newport marina for years. On Tuesday, he worked a shift he’ll never forget.

Shaver told ABC6 News he noticed a young deer struggling to swim through the Newport Harbor. The deer was swimming in and out of marinas and getting stuck in between boats and under docks.

“It was laboring, and it was heading into more trouble because there’s nothing but cement and six-foot walls over that way,” Shaver explained to ABC6.

Shaver and deckhand Michael Farber quickly jumped into a boat to help.

“Once I heard I had a volunteer, I hopped right on the boat, and we shot over there. Sure enough the thing had already gone under the docks and was pinned between two of the floats, with just it’s head sticking out.”

A few marinas down, Kevin Quinn, a construction worker, heard the commotion in the water. Quinn immediately ran to help Farber and Shaver in their rescue.

Quinn said helping was just his natural reaction to the situation.

“She was stuck under this floating dock. She was pinned down there so we went down, pulled her out, put her in Geordie’s boat, and brought her to a safe location over at Fort Adams,” Quinn told ABC6 News.

Farber grabbed the deer by its head, covering her face to calm her down.

After the men wrangled the deer onto the boat, the trio brought her to a wooded area of Fort Adams.

“Sure enough, man, it took right off through the woods. Ran by two kids on the beach collecting shells. I don’t think they still know what happened,” said Shaver.

Michael Healey, with Rhode Island’s Department of Environmental Management, warned residents of touching young animals in the wild. Healey said more than likely, the animal’s mother is nearby.

Healey credited the three good Samaritans for saving the young deer in distress in this scenario.

“In this case the boaters made their very best judgement, and they did a good thing to help this deer that they thought was in distress,” Healey told ABC6 in a Zoom interview.

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