Tanning Salon Robber was Ex-Employee

Charged: Sheila Cabral, Stacy Cabral, and Ashley Lazandro, from left to right.

Somerset Police are now saying that one of the three women arrested for an armed robbery Saturday night at a tanning salon in Somerset, Mass. was an ex-employee of the salon chain.

Police apprehended Ashley Lazandro, 24, Sheila Cabral, 25, and Stacey Cabral, 24, and charged the three with armed robbery while masked, conspiracy, and larceny under $250. 

According to Somerset Police, three women entered “Hot Bodeez” tanning salon at 1320 Grand Army of the Republic Highway in Somerset, Mass., around closing time. They were dressed in ponchos and dark glasses that covered their faces.

Hot Bodeez manager Steve Martins says the robbers knew where the safe was and appeared to be well organized. Martins said only salon employees and management know where the safe is.

Fortunately for the salon, knowledge of the combination to the safe is confined to management. The robbers weren't able to get at the money that was inside.

Somerset police also said that another robber was a current employee with the salon chain.

Police say the women approached the lone clerk and brandished knives, demanding money. The clerk opened the register, and the three left with an unknown amount of cash.

Somerset police say that they were able to quickly identify three suspects, who were arrested several hours after the robbery took place.

The charge of “armed robbery while masked” carries a mandatory minimum sentence of five years for the first conviction.

Police did not have information about when the three will appear in court.